Le Mans 24h

Time to go back to the roots: this edition of the virtual Le Mans 24hours marks the 10th anniversary with my team Simracing For Holland. As we did 10 years ago, we will drive the #150 Corvette against 40+ teams and 120+ drivers!

The 28th of June, most of the team traveled to Marcel’s place in Arnhem to take part in this fantastic event. In true Le-Mans spirit, we drove our stints in one raceframe, jumping in and out during driver changes. Only difference is, we don’t have seatbelts. Marcel’s triple screen setup is hugely immersive. The race was eventful as a 24 hour race always is. We started out brilliantly, holding onto 2nd in class for the first couple of hours in the race. Unfortunately, technical problems struck during the night and we dropped back a bit, holding on to 6th in class at the finish.

Rumour is going around that the next stop will be a 24 hour event at Spa in Oktober, driven on-site in Denmark!



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