Pinksterraces: Mixed Feelings

The Pinksterraces is the annual highlight of the Max5 cup season. This event features international racing classes including the Porsche GT3 cup and Ferrari challenge. However, the huge field of 36 Mazda’s makes the MX5 cup the most spectacular series.


As in Zolder, I qualified exactly halfway down the field in 18th. At the start, I got cought napping, loosing several places. In T1, A spin on the inside meant that I had to move to the outside, unfortunately touching another car which as a consequence ran out of road. This resulted in a nasty dent in the left door of the car. However, the handling of the car was unaffected, leaving me in an interesting scenario for the race: see how far up I could get from 23rd after T1.

What followed was an absolutely great race, overtaking many cars in great battles to finish 15th! Check out the onboard pictures for this excellent race!

The second day was a bit less succesful. Starting 15th, I have to take evasive action as a car spins entering Scheivlak corner. Unfortunately, I get stuck during the gravel excursion that follows. I only needed to go one more meter before I was out! Marshalls kindly helped me back on the way, but at that time I was too far behind. Did get some valuable track time though. Looking forward to the next event.




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