The start: from Sim to Real

It has always been a dream to make the switch from virtual to real racing. After many years of just dreaming (and saving) I finally made the step to actually go and make it happen. Result: I now own a Mazda MX5 in cup specification! Bought this beautiful one at MX5 Winkel in Baarn. More on my dream and the switch from simracing to real racing in the “about” section.


This car features a relatively high roll cage, which allows me to sit safely and comfortably in the car. Which is nice, since these cars are tiny and I am a tall guy at 1.92m. The previous owner originally planned to race this car in the 2014 season, but will now build a new one. I will join him and a team of 3 drivers who share one car to occupy the same spot in the paddock during the season. Next step: getting a racing license.


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